It’s Time… Turning Your Network Into Net Worth

//It’s Time… Turning Your Network Into Net Worth

It’s Time… Turning Your Network Into Net Worth

Work should be meaningful.  Partnerships should be meaningful. Time spent at events or networking online– should be meaningful.  We all agree.  But how do you turn around the trend of walking aimlessly through trade show expo halls, searching for a badge or two that makes sense for your business model?  It’s simple. Just stop the madness.  Insist on better ROI.  Turn your attention to hyper-focused rooms where your like-minded peers gather, collaborate and truly- in a word- care.  Yep care.  Care about where the industry is heading.  Care about the next steps that will get us to a better place– where we can collectively grow and succeed.  It’s a place where our networks are more powerful, more safe and more interconnected.  It’s here 24/7 on the CEO Exchange.  If interested, click here to apply for membership. If approved by the Board, you can join the room, join the conversation and set the agenda for the next year ahead.  It’s time.

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