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To facilitate meaningful engagement between executive CEO Exchange members, to share industry-specific information, conduct business and foster better collaborations and decisions.
With better information and connections, together we can not just 'talk' about the industry's challenges and opportunities, we can agree upon next steps forward and provide necessary accountability and change.
It is not about who can pay more to get a better placement; here on the CEO Exchange, we are all equal. It's our ideas, decision making and accountability that sets us apart and helps us collectively impact the telecom, technology and content provider ecosystem, with positive force and perseverance.
Once we as members consider the challenges, and agree upon steps we can take collectively to impact change, we can then promote our ideas and petition for others to join us. JSA will distribute our petition across a reach of 450K+ readers within the tech, telecom and content provider community. Together our voice has a platform and we can move the needle towards positive growth together.