Don’t Miss JSA’s Virtual CEO Roundtable on The State of Dark Fiber featuring Cleareon, Zayo & ZenFi Networks

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Our next Virtual CEO Roundtable, The State of Dark Fiber: Challenges, Opportunities and its Future, will be taking place tomorrow, April 27th at 11:30 AM EDT. Grab a cup of coffee to go with your late breakfast or early lunch, and join us! Telecom capabilities are enhanced considerably with dark fiber infrastructure, and currently, strategic acquisitions, rebounding [...]

It’s Time… Turning Your Network Into Net Worth

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Work should be meaningful.  Partnerships should be meaningful. Time spent at events or networking online-- should be meaningful.  We all agree.  But how do you turn around the trend of walking aimlessly through trade show expo halls, searching for a badge or two that makes sense for your business model?  It's simple. Just stop the madness.  [...]

Setting the Table: CEO Roundtables to Come

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It's not for one person or small group of people to set the agenda for the year to come: it's for the community driven by the needs of the industry.  The CEO Exchange's idea board is the place for roundtable topics to be pitched, discussed and agreed upon.  The Roundtables are held virtually and on-site at [...]

Ready to set tomorrow’s agenda?

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Do you have ideas on how to change the industry but just need to get the right people in a room to further discuss and collaborate? What if that room was available to you 24/7/365 with the decision makers up and down the OSI Stack?  JSA has gathered the top telecom providers, tech giants, data center [...]

You Tired of the Same Talking Heads too?

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It's to the point where you don't want to travel to another industry conference or trade show. It's the same handful of talking heads talking about the same issues with our network infrastructure:  the lack of available capacity for IoT; SDN still being a few years away; everyone swimming in one another's lanes so everyone's a [...]