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Major Telecom Carrier Hotel Taps STI’s Unique Conduit System in Atlanta

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Southern Telecom, Inc.’s conduit system offers 12 route miles throughout downtown Atlanta utilizing former steam ducts Southern Telecom, Inc. (STI) is presently undergoing a substantial conduit project in downtown Atlanta for a major telecom carrier hotel. The project takes advantage of STI’s unique and secure infrastructure that utilizes cast iron pipes beneath the streets of Atlanta. This [...]

Kosc Telecom: Connecting France with New Fibre Offers!

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For the very first time in France, a wholesale fibre service dedicated to businesses is now available! Established in March 2016, Kosc Telecom is the only carrier providing Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) in France. With a state-of-the-art broadband and fibre optic infrastructure, stretching over 20,000 km and connecting over 180 cities, the carrier is now [...]

Georgia System Operations Corporation Selects Southern Telecom for Dark Fiber

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Georgia System Operations Corporation (GSOC) has entered a leasing agreement for dark fiber on Southern Telecom, Inc. (STI)’s Atlanta central business district fiber ring. GSOC’s control centers operate 24/7 to manage the delivery of electricity across the state. To ensure 24/7 operations, in 2005 GSOC’s backup control center, located about 25 miles from its headquarter operations in Tucker, [...]

Last Week’s Headlines from Brightlink IP, eStruxture & FirstLight

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Check out last week's dose of tech & telecom news. Here are the headlines you may have missed. Click on each headline below to read more. Brightlink Offers New White-Label Virtual PBX Solution eStruxture Data Center's CEO Todd Coleman Live from CAPRE Data Summit Tri-State Area Federal Credit Union Chooses FirstLight Internet, Voice  

Cross River Fiber Completes Latency-Sensitive Fiber Route to NJFX Tier 3 Colocation Campus

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The completed fiber route deploys all new optical glass, as well as a path that is diverse from other legacy infrastructure options, which equates to an extremely reliable network for NJFX customers. Announced at PTC’18 today, Cross River Fiber, a New Jersey-based, boutique network infrastructure and telecommunications solutions provider, has completed its fiber network to the NJFX Tier 3 [...]